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Jabberwonk is the place to share links to articles on Politics, Social Life and Science. Started in 2004 as "Not This Time George", our site has grown and we rebranded ourselves to take on the bigger fight than just one administration. Now we are set to release the 1st major update to the site since its creation ('bout time, slackers). We are going to be adding new features and trying out some new angles. We are looking to ad a voice for the opposition to express their views also and open up an area for user generated comments. Got an idea, got some feedback, send it to us. We are looking for input.

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  • And Here Is the Bill Attempting to Roll Back the New Net Neutrality Rules
  • Christie’s Office Drove Exxon Settlement, Ex-Official Says
  • Democrats on Netanyahu’s Speech: Bibi’s Never Seen a War He Doesn’t Want the U.S. to Figh
  • President Obama wants to reverse Citizens United
  • Boehner’s pointless leadership
  • Netanyahu’s war must be stopped now: The real story behind his speech to Congress
  • Elizabeth Warren Completely Destroys Scott Walker In Just One Tweet
  • Ben Carson: Religion is needed to interpret science because ‘maybe it’s just propaganda’
  • The GOP’s big ‘yes’ to ‘no’
  • GOP’s big health care plan: Say “freedom” a lot and let states figure something out
  • Inhofe’s Insane Climate Denial Speech Tells You Everything You Need to Know About the Republican Party Right Now
  • Another Republican LIE Goes Up in Flames: Most Food Stamp Recipients are White!
  • Anti-Obamacare Sheriff Now Swimming in Medical Debt; Asks Internet for Help, Liberals Come to Aid
  • John Boehner fails again: Congress passes one-week DHS fix
  • Elizabeth Warren’s next target: Trade deals
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