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Jabberwonk is the place to share links to articles on Politics, Social Life and Science. Started in 2004 as "Not This Time George", our site has grown and we rebranded ourselves to take on the bigger fight than just one administration. Now we are set to release the 1st major update to the site since its creation ('bout time, slackers). We are going to be adding new features and trying out some new angles. We are looking to ad a voice for the opposition to express their views also and open up an area for user generated comments. Got an idea, got some feedback, send it to us. We are looking for input.

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  • Lindsey Graham: ‘White Men’ in ‘Male-Only Clubs Are Going to Do Well in My Presidency
  • Republican politicians aren't climate scientists or responsible leaders
  • The NRA Comes Out in Support of Warrior Cops
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  • Before Obamacare, America’s Health Care System Ranked Last Among Developed Nations
  • Make America Safer: Shut Down the Department of Homeland Security
  • Texas woman threatened with jail after applying for voter ID
  • Boehner’s lame stunt fizzles: The plan to sue Obama has gone, predictably, nowhere
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  • Juan Williams: Republican games pose health risk
  • Unbelievable GOP Statements on Voter Suppression
  • What Will the GOP Senate Be Like?
  • Kevin McCarthy vows change on Hill to save GOP
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